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I've decided to make these blog posts more casual as it would probably be easier than refining each entry before posting. Hopefully this will encourage more frequent posting but only time will tell.

Anyways, I have been home for about two months since leaving college. Whether or not I will write a post on my thought process for that decision is up in the air as of now. In the mean time, I finished my film Surviving the Notch 3. It's a little funny that my last blog post was about my attendance to my first film festival for Surviving The Notch 2, and this post is kind of about Surviving the Notch 3. 

The Notch 3 has already been selected for two festivals. So far one is an online festival, Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, and the other is based in West Virginia, the CARE Awards. This is pretty exciting as it's my first film two be featured at two different film festivals.

The concept of film festivals is strange. Besides bragging rights, the acceptance into a film festival doesn't do much. I admit that the laurel that I add to my thumbnails does look nice, but the traditional goal of film festivals is to network. Not much networking can be done from online film festivals, and many festivals that have physical events don't notify about submission status until very close to the event date. It is all very weird to me, but nonetheless it is still an honor.

I guess this blog update has turned into a brief thought rant about film festivals so I apologize for the lack of direction.


I'd been meaning to begin a blog on my website to document some of the exciting things that have been going on. However, nothing fairly exciting had been worth blogging about. That was until one of my films was selected to play at a film festival.

It was during my sophomore year of high school that my parents took me to see the Providence Children's Film Festival. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching some kids my age create some content that was entertaining and very well made. At that point in time, I had not been making any actual videos, and most of the content I created were concepts. I'm pretty sure my parents began to doubt me when I said I was using all the equipment they had bought for me. I made a promise to myself that one day I would enter the festival and one of my films would be shown.

Half of that promise came true the next year when I attempted to submit the original cut of Guns Blazing to the festival. I was pretty excited to show off this film as it was one of my only narrative-focused films, and even to this day I cherish this film because I think it marked a change in my filmmaking. My excitement was cut short when I stupidly decided to submit my film on the day of the submission deadline, which happened to be Thanksgiving Day. Their offices were closed and so was the post office, so I e-mailed the man who runs the festival. He was very kind, but told me that I should apply the next year and even offered to cover the fee.

Then, in October of 2017, I submitted my most recent film at the time, Surviving the Notch 2. This short film was one of the longest I had made coming in at 7 minutes, and there was an actual story this time. I was a little nervous when submitting the film, but I believed that the film up to standards. I received the official e-mail of acceptance in January of 2018. This may not be the largest film festival, but it's an accomplishment none the less. My parents are proud, my friends are proud, and I am proud. This is a step in the right direction and a worthy achievement before I go off to college.